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Influencers in Netball

Who are the influencers in Netball?

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The purpose of lists

People love lists, we are obsessed by them. From the Forbes rich list to the Worst 10 movies and everything in-between we can’t get enough of them. Someof them are momentary glances that are nothing more than tomorrow’s take away paper but there are many that, like Forbes, are the cornerstone for conversation and dialogue amongst people that are interested in that world.

The magazine was set up to promote women’s sport and those that participated in it at every level and so being involved with Lissted in this ground breaking sphere is the next stage for us in promoting women’s sport. Children have always wanted role models but for the first time we are living in an era where female athletes the world over are becoming role models on a global scale and social media is having a big part to play in this. People want to know what successful athletes are doing 24/7 now and so by creating a list of global influence based on social media data we are not only acknowledging those that are having impact and looking to encourage conversation about the list and its content, but also to raise awareness of those on the list for fans.

Social media and influencers

Social media has radically changed the world as we know it and provides a new and exciting way to compile a list of people of influence in women’s sport. It’s very easy to compile a list of who has the most followers on social media platforms and say they are “influential”. However, to understand who> is most likely to wield real influence you need to understand a lot more about who those followers are and how they engage with them.

Adam Parker, Founder of Lissted points out “Simply generating noise on social media doesn’t necessarily indicate influence”. This is what I like about working with Lissted, how their approach seeks to build lists that give true insight into a community, in this case helping to understand the dynamics of women’s sport rather than just produce a list of who has the most followers for example.

Real world considerations

It’s important to note that the analysis is unable to incorporate those who aren’t on social media or do not engage on it. As Adam explains “Ultimatelyanalysis of this type is limited to those individuals who participate online. This will obviously lead to the omission of some people and organisations. However as social media has grown in significance this gap is reducing as online communities increasingly include the majority of those who are influential in the real world.”

The netball analysis we’ve looked at first has a good example of this issue. Molly Rhone has featured in the magazine on a couple of occasions and is one of the most passionate and wonderful people to talk to about sport and Netball. She doesn’t have a Twitter account, at least not that we know of, so she is not considered for inclusion. However, as president of the International Netball Federation her meetings with governments, as well as her input into the policies and grassroots work in countries around the world, would put her firmly at number one on my own personal list.

So like many others in the field in a similar position we will look to make special mention of people that fall into this category and we will be keen to hear from you of people like Molly that should be added to the next edition.

Netball Global Influencer Analysis

Lissted kindly ran two separate analyses. One focussed on who their application ranks as influential based solely on looking at the Twitter relationships and interactions of Northern Hemisphere netball related accounts. The other produced its results based solely on Southern Hemisphere accounts.

Adam explains “Influence is all about relevance and community. We suspected that we’d get very different results if we split the data in this way and so it proved. Having both lists enables you to better understand the nature and reach of someone’s influence. For example Aussie Diamonds Coach, Lisa Alexander ranks very highly at #7 on the Southern Hemisphere list, but doesn’t appear in the Northern Top 100. Equally Netball Superleague 2015 and 2016 Champions Surrey Storm appear at #7 in the Northern Top 100, but don’t appear in the Southern Top 100. Meanwhile the International Netball Federation, despite not appearing in the top 10 of either list is one of only 18 accounts that appear in both, demonstrating its global influence within the game.”

The 18 accounts that appear on both lists are shown in at the end of this article.

Lists are never perfect. For instance where someone is ranked is only based on a snapshot at that moment in time. The more valuable insight is not an individual’s exact position, fun though that is, but the members of the list as a whole. Our desire is to create visibility of those doing a great job of promoting their sport around the world, as well as to promote dialogue on the list to those inside and outside of that given sport.

In what we believe to be a first for women’s sport magazine, it’s a privilege to be involved with Lissted in publishing this list of global influencers of Netball.

A huge thanks to Lissted who help you discover the true influencers in communities. The people and organisations whose influence reaches into the real world, not simply the ones who create noise online about a topic. Identifying the right people is crucial if you want to ensure your content marketing, SEO and reputation management activities are effective.



Northern Hemisphere

1England NetballEngland_Netball
2Sky Sports NetballSkyNetball
3Manchester Thunderthundernetball
5Vitality NetballSLNetballSL
6Team Bath NetballTeamBathNetball
7Surrey StormSurreyStorm
8Tamsin Greenwaytamsingreenway
9Gilbert Netball HQGilbertNetball
10Yorkshire JetsYorkshireJets
11Sasha Corbinâ„¢Sasha_Corbin
12Netball EuropeNetballEurope
13Tracey Nevilletraceynev
14Anna MayesENCoach_Mayes
15Welsh NetballWelshNetball
16Netball UKNetballUK
17Lboro Lightning NSLLboroLightning
18Sara Baymanrunlikeforrest
19Pamela CookeyPamelaCookey
20Celtic Dragonsceltic_dragons
21Stacey Jayne FrancisStcyJyneFrancis
22Jo HartenJarten
23Gary BurgessGaryBurgessIUA
24Karen Atkinsonkazacko
25Eboni B-ChambersEboniBChambers
26Anita Navinnetballpundit
27Netball ScotlandNetballScotland
28ANZ ChampionshipANZChamps
29Courtside CommentsNetballComments
30Kadeen CorbinKadeen_Corbin
31Serena Guthrieserenabob
33Netball AustraliaNetballAust
34jade clarkejadeyclarke
35North West NetballNW_Netball
36Australian DiamondsAussieDiamonds
37Karen Greigkjgreigy
38Rachel ShawRachShaw123
39Ama Agbezeamaagbeze
41Netball MagazineENeditors
42Helen HousbyHelenhousby1
43Netball New ZealandNetballNZ
44Dan RyanDanRyan84
45Sport EnglandSport_England
46Netball South AfricaNetball_SA
47nat haythornthwaitenataliesymone
48Rachel Dunnrach_dunn
49Sophia Candappasophiacandappa
50Netball AmericaNetballAmerica
51BBC SportBBCSport
52Team Northumbria NSLTN_NSL
53Lindsay KeableLindsaylonglegs
54Netball ScoopNetballScoop
55Netball Eastnetballeast
56Mia Ritchiemia_ritchie
57sonia mkolomasoniaMkoloma
58England NETSIndoor_Netball
59Women in SportWomeninsport_uk
60Netball South WestNetballSW
61EN CoachingENCoaching_
62This Girl CanThisGirlCanUK
63Laura MalcolmLauraMalcs1
64Viper 10 SportswearViper10Sports
65Silver FernsSilverFernsNZ
66Netball WestMidlandsWestMidsNetball
67Melissa HyndmanMelissaCoachBsr
68Sam MeadeSam_EastPPC
69Netball SouthNetballsouth
71Dominoes NetballClubDominoesNC
72Tallisa HaynesTallisahaynes
74Shaunagh CraigShaunaghCraig
75Suzy DraneSuzyDrane
76Sam Castlesamcastle71
77Netball Buzznetballbuzz
78Kerry AlmondKerryAlmond
79Anna CarterACoachcarter
81sports coach UKsportscoachUK
84Emma Doveyemdovey91
85Sach Grantsachgrant
86Swiss NetballNetballSwitz
87Jodie Gibsonmissgibsonx
89Kathryn Ratnapalakatratnapala
90EastMidlands NetballEMNetball
91Netball FirstNetballFirst
92Team EnglandTeamEngland
93Oldham Netball ClubOldhamNetball
94Julie CorlettoJulieCorletto
95Fast5 World SeriesFast5Netball
96Middlesex NetballMiddx_Netball
97Women's Sport TrustWomenSportTrust
98Jan CrabtreeENAcademyCoach
100Caroline Barkercarolinebarker



Southern Hemisphere

1ANZ ChampionshipANZChamps
2Netball AustraliaNetballAust
3Australian DiamondsAussieDiamonds
4Liz EllisLizzyLegsEllis
5NSW SwiftsNSWSwifts
6Nat Medhurstnatmedhurst
7Lisa AlexanderCoachLisaA
8Melbourne VixensMelbourneVixens
10Queensland FirebirdsFirebirdsQld
11Sharni LaytonSharni_Layton
12Laura GeitzLauraFirebirds
13Netball NationNetballNation
14West Coast FeverWestCoastFever
15Caitlin BassettCBassNetball
16MADI ROBINSONmadirobinson_
17Sharelle McMahonSharelleMcMahon
18Netball New ZealandNetballNZ
19Kimberlee GreenKimmygee8
20Bianca Chatfieldbiancachatfield
21SKYCITY Mysticsnorthernmystics
22Ashleigh Brazillash_braz
23Netball ScoopNetballScoop
24Catherine CoxCathCoxy
25Caitlin ThwaitesCaitlinThwaites
27Renae InglesRenaeIngles
28Shae Brownshaejbolton
29Kimberley Ravaillionkimberley138
30Erin Bellerin_bell77
31Susan PettittSusanSwifts
32Sue GaudionSueGaudion
33Julie CorlettoJulieCorletto
34Mo'onia - MonâMon_Star9
35Silver FernsSilverFernsNZ
36Kate PalmerKatePalmer_CEO
37Southern SteelSteelNetball
38Maria TutaiaMariaTutaia
39Official Netball NSWNetballNSW
40Dan RyanDanRyan84
41Netball Victorianetballvic
42Chelsea LockeChelseaPitman
43England NetballEngland_Netball
44Netball WANetballWA
46Casey Kopuacaseymay04
47Jane W-Thompsonjanewthompson
48Catherine TuivaitiKat_Latu
49Sarah WallSarahLWall
50Demelza FellowesDemMcCloud
51Netball AmericaNetballAmerica
52Fast5 World SeriesFast5Netball
53Nat von BertouchNatvonBertouch
54April Brandleyaprilletton
55Gilbert Netball HQGilbertNetball
56Gretel Tippettgretskies11
57Sarah Allensarahpallen_
58Official Tactix PageTactixNetball
59Sky Sports NetballSkyNetball
60Paige HadleyPaigeHadley2
61Sport For WomenSportForWomen
62Australian SportAusport
63Katrina GrantKatrinagrant7
64Netball SANetballSA
65Jo HartenJarten
66FOX SPORTS AustraliaFOXSportsAUS
67ABC Grandstandabcgrandstand
68SKY Sport NZskysportnz
69Gabi Simpsongabs_simo
70TEN Sporttensporttv
72Tegan Philipteganphilip
73Gilbert NetballGILBERT_NETBALL
74Verity SimmonsVeritySimmons
75ASICS AustraliaASICSaustralia
76Netball South AfricaNetball_SA
77Karyn BaileyKarynLBailey
79Rebecca WilliamsBecHeraldSun
80Kayla CullenKaylaCullen12
81Netball TasmaniaNetballTasmania
82Courtney TairiCourtneyTairi
83Pulse NetballPulseNetball
84Abbey McCullochAbbey_McCulloch
85FOX SPORTS NewsFOXSportsNews
86Netball SingaporeNetball_SG
87Nadine CohenNadineCohen1
88Wendy Frewwenzfrew
90Julie Fitzgeraldjulie__fitz
91Annie SargeantAnnieSargeant
92Jo Westonjoweston142
93Netball ACTNetballACT
94Karen StocksKazStocks
95Damien Stannarddstanno
96Qantas Wallabiesqantaswallabies
97Tamsin Greenwaytamsingreenway
98Jodi Brownbrowniejodi
99Netball FoundationNetballFndation


Both Northern and Southern Hemisphere

Northern RankSouthern RankNameUsername
281ANZ ChampionshipANZChamps
332Netball AustraliaNetballAust
363Australian DiamondsAussieDiamonds
143England NetballEngland_Netball
4318Netball New ZealandNetballNZ
259Sky Sports NetballSkyNetball
955Gilbert Netball HQGilbertNetball
5423Netball ScoopNetballScoop
4440Dan RyanDanRyan84
2265Jo HartenJarten
6535Silver FernsSilverFernsNZ
5051Netball AmericaNetballAmerica
897Tamsin Greenwaytamsingreenway
4676Netball South AfricaNetball_SA
9433Julie CorlettoJulieCorletto
9552Fast5 World SeriesFast5Netball