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The Captains Pick: An interview with Carin Koch

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There has never been a playing captain on either the European or United States teams in the past 13 editions of The Solheim Cup and home skipper Carin Koch is not planning to change that any time soon.

Yet as she walked off the 18th green leading the first round of the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters, after a six under par 66 on the Majlis Course at Emirates Golf Club in the Ladies European Tour’s 2014 season-ending tournament, having not played for three months, the Swede fleetingly considered the possibility that she could pick herself as one of her four wildcards and make her fifth appearance as a player.

However, she quickly brushed that thought aside and we moved on to discuss her plans leading up to the matches at St Leon-Rot in Germany in September, where Europe is targeting three wins in a row.

Q. Carin, what have you been up to over the last couple of months?

I’ve been down to St. LeonRot one more time. I’ve been visiting a clothing company that’s going to supply us with clothing for the Opening Ceremony and the gala dinner. The clothing company is called Englehorn. It’s a big department store, very, very nice. That was nice.

I also had a visit to the course, which we finalised some of the changes and some of
the runoffs and how we’re going to play the holes and things. So that was really nice, and they have started some rebuilding on a couple holes since then. So that was good.

Q. What was the purpose of your trip to the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters? Was it really to mix and meet up with potential team members or was it to keep competitive?

To get to the sun (laughter). No, I haven’t played that much this year, but I want to say I still enjoy playing, which I do, every now and then. Sitting in Sweden and you have an event that you can go to in Dubai in December, it’s hard not to go. But

it’s always a good place to come and see some of the players that are here that play over in the States most of the time. Good combination but it was more for my game this time.

Q. Looking ahead to next year, what are your plans?

I’m just starting to put my schedule together. I have a couple of things in January I’m going to but they are not 100 percent finalised yet.

Q. So you have not put your playing schedule together yet?

No, I haven’t. I need to, though. Otherwise I think I’m not going to play any tournaments. I have to kind of prioritise that, as well. There’s a lot going on. There will be some requests for sponsors to have me come and speak and there’s something in Brussels that I might go to. But not too much set yet. I’ll go to probably Nabisco, which is not called Nabisco anymore, it’s the ANA, the major in Palm Springs on the LPGA; and then I think that’s about it, the British Open, just to see the players.

Q. Are all the majors important to you? Are you going to be studying all of them, or is it just those two that you’ll really focus on?

Probably because they are good tournaments to go to. Also now I see some players here, but some I haven’t seen since the British Open. So I want to make sure I see them in the beginning of the year, so Nabisco is a

good place, Phoenix or Nabisco, I haven’t decided just, just to
start talking to the girls and seeing them and getting a good atmosphere going. The British Open is natural and easy to go to and it’s quite close to the event.

Q. What do you think of the way the team is shaping up at the moment?

It’s probably looking about the way I thought it would look, and just excited that so many girls are playing well. There are so many girls that have a chance to get on the team that my list right now, it’s still quite long, which is nice, such a choice. Just nice to see so many girls playing well.