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Shape up the Non Evans way

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According to Non Evans, you do not have run for miles and lift heavy weights to lose weight. If you think working out in a sweaty gym is the best way to lose weight, she says, think again.

Former Welsh women’s international rugby player and Commonwealth Games medallist Non Evans, who now trains ‘average Joe’s’ in achieving the perfect physique, puts it down to eating less bread, drinking loads of water and picking spirits over beer and wine.

Non says that many basic points are missed when it comes to the diet and exercise for a healthy body - do people want to get fit, lose weight, have fitness and eating plans for rugby or just look good?


Here are some of Non’s top tips:

  1. Use your loaf: It’s been said that to look good and be healthy you should avoid regularly eating carbohydrates or even stop eating them altogether. Don’t. In fact, we are encouraged to eat, eat, eat. Cutting out carbs means you are effectively starving yourself of nutrients which the body needs and it leads to sugar cravings. Make sure you eat healthy carbohydrates like wholemeal rice and pasta, and avoid bread!

    Follow the ‘eat little and often’ mantra, eating a small meal of carbohydrates with a protein source every two to three hours throughout the day. Small meals like a jacket potato and ham, or brown rice and chicken, are ideal. Your metabolism slows down if you don’t eat and especially as you get older, so eating regularly will keep speeding it back up and burn calories, which means you lose body fat. 5-6 small meals a day for women and 6-8 for men.


  2. Forget trying to run your bum off: Think running a half marathon is the only way to get that weight off? Well, no, it isn’t.

    There’s no doubt it makes you fitter but it will just improve your cardio-vascular fitness as opposed to dropping body fat and changing body shape, because the body uses a greater percentage of fat as an energy source when the heart rate is lower. So the best way to burn fat is to go for a brisk walk on an empty stomach as soon as you get up in the morning. If you go for a 30 to 40 minute brisk walk, especially in the morning, you will start burning fat rather than the food in your stomach. Keep your heart rate at about 120. Slightly out of breath not pushing yourself too hard. That is the fat burning zone.


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