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Rounders England, shocking survey and a toolkit to solve it!


Rounders England have conducted a survey concerning sport being "fun" and aside from the obvious there are some shocking findings in the survey! Read the survey and findings below and Rounders England have even provided a toolkit at the end. Enjoy and get involved!


A survey by Rounders England has revealed that more than half of the population (54%) would be tempted from the sofa into regular physical activity if it offered more of the ‘fun factor’.
 This revelation comes on the back of comments in the media last week by Jim KcKenna, professor of physical activity and Health at Leeds Metropolitan University, who highlighted that while its fashionable to talk about the obesity epidemic, it is actually the ‘inactivity epidemic’ that poses the biggest threat to public health.

The survey also reports that 25% of people never make time for physical activity with just 11% of people making time for exercise every day.

So what is the solution? Dan Newton, Competition & Development Director for Rounders England, says: “While the success of the Olympics has demonstrated how much we enjoy watching elite athletes pitch against each other, when it comes to getting involved in sport at a community level it’s the fun, social interaction that people are looking for.”
Although 61% of people surveyed have not played Rounders since they left school, it was the sport people most enjoyed during their schooldays. Rounders was a clear winner with almost a third (29%) citing this as their favourite physical activity and it was followed by football (22%) and then netball (14%).

Dan Newton, continues: “Currently, according to Sport England’s Active People survey, nearly 20,000 adults are playing Rounders once a week. We aim to increase this figure significantly in 2013. Rounders is a social sport that can be enjoyed by all abilities and ages. It has the ‘fun factor’ and at the moment people seem to be holding off on playing because they are not sure of the rules.

 “To address this, we have written an easy to follow Rounders England Toolkit which explains how to get started and the basic rules. In brief, there are four key elements to the game: Chuck It, Whack It, Leg It, Smile! The Toolkit can be downloaded from”