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Parity prize money in Women’s sport


I have been involved in women’s sport for 15 years and one of the major things that has been talked about is that there should be parity of prize money
between the male and female competitons and tournaments. Just last year (2015) I entered a team into a competition were the men won £2,000 and the
women’s team was given beer tokens! It is far from resolved but there are people and tournaments that are actively trying to change things for the
better like Rugby Spy’s Ibiza 10’s.

First held in 2013, Rugby Spy have said that there will be parity in prize money for the men’s and women’s competitons. That’s great news, now all
that needs to happen is for women to support this tournament and those like it around the world that are offering what we have all been wanting
to see happen. It’s impossible to run these events if people don’t support them.

Go to for the latest information and offers they have and support what we have always wanted.

Watch their funky promo video: