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Megan Fletcher

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We emailed Megan to ask her about all sorts and here are all her replies:

Hi Megan, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to talk to us. Tell us firstly how on this earth do you fit studying in with training?

Hi Myak. To be perfectly honest at the moment I have no idea how I am fitting it all in. My PGCE is so demanding I’m out of the house by 8 every day and
back by no earlier than 4, then have to head to training. Plus somehow fitting in time to do my uni work and sleep! Although I’m really pleased as last
weekend I managed to get my first World Cup medal winning silver in Rome! So I don’t mind how tired I am as it seems to be paying off!


Please talk us through your training schedule in any given week?

Before I started uni this September, for the past year my day would consist of 2 – 3 sessions per day. With a combination of strength, endurance, technical
and randori (sparing) sessions. At the moment I have a different training programme to the others in the training group, due to my uni/school commitments
but I am fitting in at least one session every day to keep me ticking over.


Do you follow any particular nutrition plan?

For a long time I have been trying to gain weight. Over the summer it was really good, with me gaining 3 kilos. This was achieved through my weights programme
and through good nutrition. I haven’t got a specific diet, although I have learnt a lot through being an athlete about the correct foods for me to be eating
for optimum recovery and weight gain in particular. Great emphasis on the half hour window after training to take on carbs and protein.


Are you able to tell us your “plan” for world domination?


Haha! I wouldn’t say so much world domination, although I have got a game plan! This year my main focus is to get my PGCE completed, then it gives me
3 years till Rio to qualify and get the best preparation possible. I also want to go to the Commonwealth championships in 2014 and would love to win a
medal there!

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to win Olympic Gold, but additionally to win medals at the Commonwealth, European and World Championships.

Would you like to fight a male counterpart at the same weight? What do you think the outcome would be and why?


If I was to fight a male counterpart of equal weight, at the same level as me, I would without a doubt lose, unfortunately. The difference between the
women and men is massive. I can maybe do well against those lighter and younger than me, but as soon as they hit puberty and start to gain ‘man’ strength
that’s when they just become too strong for girls to be able to compete with them.

I appreciate your code as a martial artist myself, however what is your view on other codes and do you train in any other codes or do you focus only on

I have an appreciation for all martial arts, as the code for a lot is the same. The main focus is on respect, which I feel is vitally important to have
as a person. I have never actually tried any others though; I just haven’t had enough time.

Who do you admire in the judo world?

I admire Lucie Decosse (FRA). She is the top judoka in my weight category, and is the current Olympic Champion. She is amazingly talented, and at one
point was so far ahead of people on the World ranking list the closest person was 500 points away.


Who has been your inspiration/motivation?

There have been a number of inspirations and motivations for me for judo. The biggest is my family. My parents are extremely motivated people and have
always supported me massively with my judo, always having faith in me, even when I haven’t had faith in myself. My younger brother Ben is also a great
inspiration for me. He does judo as well, and he is always helping me at training which is really great to have the support there always.

What makes you get up in those wet and cold mornings to train?

The thought that Rio is less than 4 years away and I don’t want to have the same hurt from not going to the London games! The thought of being an Olympic
champion makes you kick the duvet off!


It must be amazing to represent your country, what does it mean to you?

I’m extremely proud to represent my country. I have done it for a long time now, so it would feel very strange not to. There is nothing better than hearing
your national anthem being played for you!


Do you have any rituals or superstitions prior to fights?

Not really. I like to listen to my iPod before I fight. It helps me to relax. I have a few audio lessons to help to relax me, as I started to get too
nervous before I fought in competition.

Talk us through what happens when you walk onto the mat and there is a huge person on the opposite side, as opposed to a little dot. What is the thought


Psychology is a massive part in any sport. You have to believe no matter who is stood in front of you that you can beat them. This is something that never
came naturally to me. Although the more competitions and medals I win the more I am starting to believe in my ability.

Have you had any major injuries in judo?

Touch wood, I have been quite lucky. I had surgery when I was 17 only on the cartilage in my knee. I have had a few little niggles, but nothing that has
kept me out of training for months on end.


Finally, how do you fund yourself? Do you have funding or do you rely on local support/family etc?


Last year I was put on the National Lottery funding as I was within the top 100 in the world. The better the results the better the funding. Last weekend
I managed to gain my first world cup medal in Rome, winning silver. Hopefully this might mean I will be put up on funding. Although after the Olympics
a lot of changes are being made within our management team, so I will have to wait and see. I additionally have a great amount of support from my parents.
Without their support it would not be possible for me to live in Bath. I am lucky that they invested in a house for me and my brother to live in, so it
cuts the cost of living by a massive amount!


Thanks Megan, for your time and good luck! We look forward to following Megan as she climbs the world rankings.