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Ireland Womens Ruby Team celebrates World Cup Achievement

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This is the first time in the team’s history that they’ve reached this stage in the International tournament. To add to the team’s glory, for the first time ever they beat New Zealand’s Black Ferns, who have won four World Cups - which was mainstream news around the world for days afterwards, and the shock win of the World Cup!

What’s more, the team made history in the 2013 Women’s Six Nations, having never previously finished better than third, winning the cup over England. The girls play with guts, passion and a powerful team spirit that drives them to play amazing rugby.
Spur manager, David Redmond, and his team were thrilled to welcome the Ireland team members to lunch at the restaurant. ‘We were incredibly proud to celebrate their fantastic success in this year’s tournament and to have them visit our restaurant,” he said. “They’re all great sportswomen. What’s even more amazing is that unlike players in other countries, they’re not full time players and they also have day jobs. All power to them and here’s to a blazing future for the Ireland Women’s team.”

Editors note: From Sports International Magazines’ point of view it is great to see that companies like Spur not only support women’s sport but celebrate the amazing achievements with the players and we appreciate their support.