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Happy Mondays Headline Ibiza Rugby


We were very pleased this week to be able to confirm that the Happy Mondays would be headlining our Sunday night party to celebrate the end of the second RugbySpy Ibiza Tens. That's the party bit sorted!! In another sector though, plans are coming together quite nicely and our office on the island will next week be talking to the local government office about our community children's mornings. This is a part of the whole event that the RugbySpy team love as we get to showcase what our sport is all about to the sportspeople of the future. We're really hoping that one of the youngsters from last year comes back having played a bit of rugby over the cooler winter months in Ibiza and wants to learn more.

We really need to get some women's teams out there to show the island what its all about. We can throw a ball around but until they see sportswomen competing as seriously as the men do, then it's actually quite difficult to get them to visualise that they can do it to.

On top of having a cracking weekend away, we're really hoping that we can get people to see exactly what sport and particularly rugby means to us! Get in touch if you want to be part of this.