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Evolution of the magazine

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Four years ago I started Sports International Magazine out of a desire to tell the incredible stories I had heard and witnessed as a photographer.
Over these years I have learnt a lot as well as been amazed by the interest and up take of the magazine.

As the magazine grew, more and more people told their stories to the point where there was almost a six month delay between the initial interview and
the article being published. The reason was none other than the sheer volume of articles and this was despite increasing the size of the magazine
by 200%! With three quarters of the readers now reading the magazine on the move as well I wanted to see how we could move to a “live” magazine
that worked seamlessly no matter how you read it. As a result I challenged the tech wizards as to how we could create something that reflected
the world we lived in and how readers were reading the magazine, as well as how to tell all these stories and give information as fast and dynamically
as possible.

What has been built uses the very latest and in some cases early development technology running in the background (a lot of which I don’t understand!)
to deliver time critical information as well as stories in a responsive and user friendly way to readers using Mac’s or laptops, cell phones and
every device in between.

Every time you come to the magazine now it will have different articles and videos for you to look at with the exception of the cover of the month
of course. You will be able to look at your favourite sport or an athlete or an event such as the Olympics as well as access resources and exclusive
videos all form the magazine hub. This is a magazine that never stands still it’s a “live” magazine ensuring that there is always something for
the reader.

I am humbled to have got to this point and am amazed by how far the magazine has come and it is thanks to you the reader for reading and sharing the
magazine and articles and to everyone that has told their stories and in turn allowed us to tell them on their behalf. This is the start of the
next phase and I am excited to see where we go.

Thank you and enjoy the “live” magazine.

Yours in sport,

Myak-Paul Homberger

Editor in Chief

Sports International Magazine