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Christina Kim – You can’t help but smile


Christina Kim – You can’t help but smile


Golf is Golf, yet every now and then a player captures the imagination…striding down the fairway grinning, chatting and resplendent in a glow in the dark red shirt and matching backward cap and an ‘old skool’ pair of black shades Christina Kim cannot be missed! Stop and watch her play, follow her around the course and you find a genuine person that goes beyond the talented athlete you see. She may have a huge Twitter fan base, be an author and the youngest player to hit $1 million in earnings but these seem to be just trinkets to her. On the course she interacts with the fans, plays great Golf and isn’t afraid to show her emotions. We witnessed her jumping around and celebrating a hole in one on the 18th, on the final day of the European Masters last week! On being awarded a bottle of champagne for her efforts she was genuinely surprised and appreciative. It wasn’t done for the cameras or for show as only her, the presenter of the champagne and I could hear what she said. She was just being herself and real.

Boat loads of spectators became Christina fans this last week watching her play, ooze personality and be such fun to be around, it was infectious. Of all the players, she was the one mobbed more than any other (despite the onset of rain) after her last round. More than polite she was interested in people, posing for photos, signing, and chatting. Not only this but under the bright colours, the smile and effervescence there is a caring person who we saw chatting to one of the newer players (out of sight of the public), encouraging her on her round and her potential. THAT is character.

We got to chat to her once what seemed like every spectator had met her. With Solheim Cup fever beginning to build we chatted about it amongst other things (however we will feature them in the magazine). What struck us was her humility and her focus on what is important.  This is a woman that has come a long way and by her own admission said to us “Golf doesn’t define who I am”. Christina has gone through a lot in her life but it seems that she has used these things to become a wonderful player to follow and great person to hang around, able to seek out the positive in any situation.

Christina, we look forward to what the future brings you and look forward to catching up again soon!