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Carly Booth Jumps


On the 15th of December Carly will be doing a sky dive to raise money and awareness for the Special Olympics that her brother is taking part in. Paul, Carly’s brother has Downs syndrome but he possess the same Booth family spirit, he is a successful swimmer and multi-gold medallist powerlifter. As you listen to Carly talk about him and that he is special you cant help but feel the warmth, tenderness and love that she has for him. As Carly says “I couldn’t imagine life without Paul” he is very much a part of her and the families life. They go to the gym together, joke with each other as too who is more successful just like any family do. This is not the remarkable part, the remarkable part is that unlike so many elite athletes that are keen to protect their talent by not doing anything outside of their training regime or the instructions given to her Carly is very focused on doing what she wants to and what is “right”. “If I want to do something I will do it” Carly says when I asked her how she was able to get everyone to agree to her doing this. She wants to jump out of a plane because she wants to raise money for an organisation that have been so supportive of her brother and provided him with a positive outlet and because she loves her brother to bits just as any sister does. Carly doesn’t see that her fame, success or position means she cant do these things and that’s what makes her special.

When I asked Carly how much she wanted to raise she said she hadn’t really thought about it but £1,000 would be nice, but “anything would help such a great organisation” Carly said. This for me was both a surprise and equally refreshing. Here is an internationally renowned athlete that wants to raise a very small amount of money, not some huge PR stunt amount but a small, achievable amount that would help an organisation like this greatly. Her motivation for me is key though, she wants to make a difference, its not about the money its about making a difference and to me that speaks volumes about Carly and her connection to her brother. A little goes a long way is often said and no more so true than here.
Carly’s love of her brother, her understanding of the impact the Special Olympics have on his and all the other athletes lives has challenged her to do something that pushes her beyond her comfort zone as she says “im in a plane numerous times each week and suddenly now I am looking out of the plane thinking of my gosh what am I doing”.
So as Carly seeks to make a difference, if you would like to support her, her brother, the Special Olympics and raise awreness and money for this great cause please go here: as well as share the link to the article for others to read and support.