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Algarve Cup 2015 Dates and Fixtures


Algarve Cup 2015 Dates and Fixtures

The official dates and groups for the Algarve Cup 2015 were released earlier this month. Today we got a peek at the provisional fixtures for the 22nd edition of the tournament. The Algarve Cup is a global invitational tournament for national teams in women’s football hosted by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) annually in the Algarve region.

The Algarve Cup is one of the most anticipated and prestigious female football events in the World. This year it will be even more sought after as it’s the final challenge in preparing for this Summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada for 9 of the 12 teams involved. The only teams who are not qualified for the World Cup are the hosts Portugal, Denmark and Iceland whereas among the other teams there are the current World Champions Japan and previous world cup winners Germany, United States and Norway. You can watch the tournament live on British Eurosport and follow all the action from the tournament including live updates of Match Day 3, the Final and behind the scenes features here.

Group A: Sweden, Germany, Brazil, China.

Group B: Norway, USA, Switzerland, Iceland.

Group C: Denmark, France, Japan, Portugal

Match Day 1: 4th March 2015

Group Time Match Venue:
Group A 15:00 Brazil v China PR (Albufeira), Group A 16:00 Germany v Sweden (V. Real S. António)
Group B 15:00 Switzerland v Iceland (Lagos) Group B 19:00 Norway v USA (V. Real S. António)

Group C 14:10 Japan v Denmark (Parchal) Group C 17:10 Portugal v France (Parchal)

Match Day 2: 6th March 2015

Group Time Match Venue Group A 13:00 Germany v China PR V. Real S.António Group A 13:30 Sweden v Brazil Lagos

Group B 17:00 USA v Switzerland V. Real S. António Group B 18:00 Norway v Iceland Lagos

Group C 12:10 Japan v Portugal Algarve Group C 15:00 France v Denmark (Algarve)

Match Day 3: 9th March 2015 Group Time Match Venue

Group A 17:30 Brazil v Germany Parchal Group A 17:30 Norway v Switzerland Albufeira

Group B 17:30 Sweden v China PR V. Real S. António Group B 17:30 USA v Iceland Lagos

Group C 14:10 Japan v France Parchal Group C 14:10 Portugal v Denmark V. Real S. António

Match Day 4: 11th March 2015

Placement Time Match Venue


3rd Place TBC TBD TBC

5th Place TBC TBD TBC

7th Place TBC TBD TBC

9th Place TBC TBD TBC

11th Place TBC TBD TBC