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A Week on Tour with Lydia Hall

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Once the 18 holes are completed it’s to the hotel around 5.30pm to check in, unpack, light gym session or stretching and then heading out for somethingto eat before getting in bed early for another early start Tuesday for a 7/8am tee time.

Tuesdays entails of playing 9 or 18 holes on the course and putting a strategy together of how you are going to play the course that week. Once that’s
done, its time for quick bite to eat then off to the the practice ground to work on the things you feel need the most attention that week depending on
the type of course you’re playing. Whether its putting, chipping, distance control, shot shaping, long game or just some drills to get your game sharp.

After practice is done in the afternoon it’s usually about 4pm, then it’s back to hotel to head to gym or to do some stretching. Then it’s a quick shower
and head our for dinner around 7.30pm and then back to room for either a quick read or some CSI or whatever box set you’re into at that time before sleep
and early night.

Wednesday is Pro Am day, where all the sponsors of the event get to play with the best females golfers in Europe. There’s usually two shotgun starts on
in morning around 7-8am and one around 12-1pm. On Wednesdays there’s always a lot of people at the golf club getting ready to play in pro am, staff preparing
for first round of the event and all 120 odd pros are at the course that day also, so theres A LOT going on. There’s a big buzz as everyone prepares for
Thursday! After the pro am round of golf is done, if you get the chance to you may be able to squeeze in an hour of practice before heading back to the
hotel to get changed for the Pro Am dinner that evening, usually you get done by 9.30 at the dinner as all the pro’s have Round 1 of the event on Thursday
morning. There’s a big buzz as everyone prepares for Thursday!

Thursday-Sunday (Rounds 1-4) These are the days every player prepares for so when they arrive it’s time to work. Competition days are very similar in
what happens and routines but it’s all dictated by your tee times. If I have a morning tee time (between 8am-11am) I am up 3 hours before my tee time.
I don’t like rushing, I like to wake, shower, dress, eat breakfast, get to golf club, stretch and warm body up for golf and then with 50mins to go I begin
putting, chipping, hit bunker shots and then onto the range finally before heading to the tee.

A tournament round of golf usually takes around 4 hours 40 minutes (that’s without any weather delays). Once the round is finished, I will have a quick
lunch then do a light practice session to put things right that I wasn’t happy with or if I was happy with most things I will do a light session to make
sure everything is in it’s place for the following day. Once I’m done at the course it’s usually time to head back to the hotel for light gym session and
more stretching. Once that’s all completed I shower and head out for dinner with some other players. If I have an afternoon tee time (12-2.30pm) I will
wake around 8am, head down for a leisurely breakfast, do some stretching in my room, then start to get ready for golf. I will get to golf club 2 hours
before my tee time to go through everything as I would for the morning tee time above. Once I have finished on the course, I will do a light cool down
on the driving range and putting green then head back to room to do some stretching and then head straight out for dinner.

The 4 competition days are all dictated by what tee times you have. With morning tee times you usually get more time in the evenings, so if there is chance
and we are close to a city or town then I may pop in to have a look around take some culture in and maybe do some shopping. The competition days are very
busy and there’s not a lot of time to relax so if there is anytime at all you do try to take advantage whenever you can.

Sunday round 4. After the final round on the Sunday it’s time to pack up the golf clubs, check out of the hotel and get to airport. From the airport I
will be either traveling to the next event for where the whole week I have described above copies itself, or it’s home for a week of practice and hard
work to prepare for the next event on Tour.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that it has given you a glimpse of what it’s like on The Ladies European tour for 1 week!


Editor’s Note: Lydia is a British Masters Champion and winner of the British Masters in August 2012.