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A tantalizing Rugby World Cup awaits


The Women's Rugby World Cup starts tomorow in Paris! This, unlike most other world cup's this one has so many different angles and stories, it will be  exciting to watch it unfold. 

Why? Well, its obliviously about the game and that in itself has many stories and stats with many countries having played each other at the 7's format but few having locked horns at 15's for 4 years. There are also the various athletes that came into 7's programs from other sports and were game changers, some of these along with 7's stars are now in the 15's squads. The questions are endless of format as well as sport crossovers to 15's? Will the pressure to emulate 7's success hamper some?

Then you have the changing of the guard. Numerous players that will be playing their last World Cup, can they go out in glory? For others its about avenging the past? For some its about proving they were the right choice in what at times have been some interesting selections.

To contrast this you have a young generation that have little or no experience at international level for 15's. 

What more can you ask from a World Cup? I look forward to watching with everyone around the world as the story unfolds.