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​ Women and doping in the Olympics

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The worrying future of drugs in sport

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I have loved the Olympics since I first watched them on a black and white television a long time ago. Imagine a time before the internet and multiple TV/satellite channels, sports fans had to contend with college/university sport and the odd match from a World Cup being broadcast. Increasingly more of the Olympics were shown on television and I couldn’t wait for the next instalment to arrive to the point where in London nearly every event and every game/match/contest was available even if only on the red button. So many things drew me, the passion of each athlete and the support from fans as the cheer on their preferred sport. As well as this I loved that with each Olympics I could discovered a new sport, learnt about and became completely gripped. Nothing could beat the Olympics for the complete sporting experience for me and when I speak to athletes it’s the one medal they want above all others.

​ FA Cup 5th round, round-up

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Exclusive

Rugby Spy sneak preview

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A nice video from the team at Rugby Spy. There support for women's sport and equality is second to none. They have promised a full selection of womens teams this year and equal prize money. Read more...

A brief History of the Paralympics

Monday, March 14, 2016

With the Paralympics only a few short months away I thought I would write a brief history of the Games and why they came into being. There is obvisouly far more to the history, especially of the many various organisations around the world prior to the founding of the International Paralympic Committee in 1989. However these are all articles in their own right and for now this is a summary on how we got to where we are. Read more...


Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Nottingham the “City of football” is proving that age is no barrier to playing the beautiful game as it launched a brand new Women’s Veterans League to help older female players carry on playing the game.


Last month the City of Football launched the Women’s Veterans League at Forest Sports Zone on Forest Recreation Ground and England’s Laura Bassett, who was part of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup squad, was on hand to lead the evening’s events.


Matches are played every other Tuesday night, and new league also coincides with International Women’s Day on 8 March and City of Football are encouraging women to come along and get involved.


The league is one of the first in the UK and Denise Richards from Kimberley is one of the many women who have signed up. She said it’s the perfect opportunity to help keep her playing football for years to come.


The 56 year-old said: “A Women’s Veterans League is exactly what Notts needed because it gives returning players like myself and new players the chance to continue to get involved and play the game with ladies of a similar age.


“Over the last few years I’ve been playing with women that are in their early twenties and it’s often difficult to keep up when you’re playing with women that are so much younger and full of energy.


Katie Gibson, Programme and Partner Coordinator at Nottingham City of Football said: “The Women’s Veteran League is something we’ve been looking to get started for a while now and it’s great to see so many women signing up on launch night.


“Since the City of Football project began we’ve heard from women all across Nottinghamshire who have told us they struggle to find other women to play football with of a similar age.


“It’s great that we’ve been able to bring all these women together and get them back into the game. This is what the City of Football is all about.”





FA 5th round draw analysis

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Chelsea head to Doncaster while Liverpool face Manchester City. The 5th round of the Women’s FA Cup sponsored by SSE was drawn today and it has thrown up some fascinating ties. Read more...

Caroline Buchanan launches TV series

Saturday, February 20, 2016

We have long been fans of Caroline Buchanan and all she does. She has just launched her first TV series that launches today. in this first episode Caroline is in pre season training and she takes you behind the scenes at one of her training sessions working on the most important part of the race. The gate start! Read more...

The Aviva Women's Tour

Friday, February 19, 2016

The Aviva Women's Tour hits the streets of the UK again this year for its 3rd outing in what promises to be an even bigger and better event. The event has been watched by hundreds of thousands of spectators on the roadside with many more around the UK watching the ITV4 highlights every evening. Its so great to see how quickly and how big it has become, ensuring the world's top riders compete in this five days event around Great Britain. Things like the promotional video that has been done for this years event is as professional as anything on the mens circuit. We love it and are looking forward to this years event. Read more...

Parity prize money in Women’s sport

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I have been involved in women’s sport for 15 years and one of the major things that has been talked about is that there should be parity of prize money between the male and female competitons and tournaments. Just last year (2015) I entered a team into a competition were the men won £2,000 and the women’s team was given beer tokens! It is far from resolved but there are people and tournaments that are actively trying to change things for the better like Rugby Spy’s Ibiza 10’s. Read more...