No-bake fruit, nut and seed bars

Release Date : 01-Jul-2015
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Grease and base line a 20cm square tin with
greaseproof paper.

Coarsely chop the nuts.

Lightly toast the nuts and seeds in a non-stick
frying pan over a moderate heat until just
beginning to turn brown (take care not to overtoast
the nuts as they will turn bitter). Leave to

Melt the butter, sugar and honey in a saucepan
over a low heat, then simmer for about two
minutes, stirring all the time, until slightly thicker
and syrupy.

Put the oats and sultanas or dried fruit into a
bowl and mix well, then mix the nuts and seeds
in too.

Stir the syrup into the dry mixture quickly and
mix well.

Quickly tip into the tin and smooth the surface
(it starts setting very quickly, so you have to work
quickly at both stages).

With the back of a clean dry spoon press the
mixture down to smooth and even out the

Leave to cool and set, then cut into 18 bars.
Store in a tin or tightly covered with foil.



Good-for-you ingredients

Nuts are rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats,
and contain high levels of anti-oxidants as well
as vitamins and minerals.

Seeds are packed with nutrients such as
protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins and omega-3
fatty acids.



By Isa du Toit

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  • Photo: Zac PeatlingPhoto: Zac Peatling
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100g sultanas (or any chopped dried fruit or mixture of dried fruit)

30g almonds

20g cashew nuts

20g sesame seeds

20g pumpkin seeds

10g sunflower seeds

230g porridge oats

80g butter, cut in pieces

80g light muscovado sugar

100ml honey